Team Building in the Middle of the Year

Students need to have community building as a part of their school day, even in the 2nd semester. Below are 5 fun activities teachers can lead to help their class be a strong team.

Lip Sync Battle 

For: Team Bonding
Instructions: Ever seen one of Jimmy Fallon’s famous lip sync battles? Split your group up into teams of 3-4 people and let them decide who will be the singers, guitarists, drummers, etc. Give them some time to choose, rehearse, and perform a lip synced version of whatever school-friendly song they like.

Back-to-Back Drawing 

For: Communication Skills
What You’ll Need: Paper, pens/markers, printouts of simple line drawings or basic shapes.
Instructions: Split your group into pairs and have each pair sit back to back. One person gets a picture of a shape or simple image, and the other gets a piece of paper and pen. The person holding the picture gives verbal instructions to their partner on how to draw the shape or image they’ve been given (without simply telling them what the shape or image is). After a set amount of time, have each set of partners compare their images and see which team drew the most accurate replica.

Advisement Coat of Arms

For: Team Bonding
What You’ll Need: Coat of Arms Template Paper, pens, markers
Instructions: Have teams create your advisement coat of arms. In one space, draw something that represents a recent achievement. In the another space, draw something that reflects your advisement values. In another space, draw something that represents where you see your group going in the future. Post the finished coat of arms in your classroom.

Memory Wall

For: Team Bonding
Instructions: Write a few general school-related topics on the white board: “Kindergarten,” “First Day of Middle School,” “Summer,” etc. Gather your team together and have everyone choose one of the topics and share a story to laugh and bond over shared experiences.

Plane Crash

For: Creative Problem Solving & Collaboration Skills
Instructions: Imagine this: a plane carrying your advisement has crashed on a desert island. Teams must choose only 12 items from around the classroom that they think would be most useful in their survival, ranking each item in order of importance. Alternatively, have individuals make their selections first and then have the group discuss and come to a consensus.


These ideas are modified from ideas found here:




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