Bonding with THAT student

We all know that positive relationships are the key to a successful classroom. By now, it’s probably easy to see which students you are naturally clicking with; those who you understand easily and who understand and trust you. You are probably also noticing a few who you struggle to communicate with; those who might not seem that interested or engaged in anything at school.

Angela Watson, a National Board Certified teacher and education consultant, has a developed a strategy called the 2×10 strategy that can help you start to build a relationship with even the most distant and hard to reach students.

The strategy is simple: find time to talk for 2 minutes (that’s 120 seconds) to that student for 10 school days in a row about something that they are interested in. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a chat about how you BOTH hate getting up so early for school – that’s something I can almost guarantee that you have in common!

There are some obstacles to this strategy: like time, that fact that at first that student may not want to talk to you, and that a it may take a few tries to find that common topic of interest. If you find that to be true, click here for help. But, if you give the 2×10 strategy a try with just one student, I think you will see great progress in relationships with hard to reach kids.


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