Celebrate Middle School



When I was an English literature major in college, I would have bet you a million dollars that I would NEVER teach middle school. I might have said I would never again ENTER a middle school — all the hormones and whining and need for just a little more deodorant. Little did I know that teaching in middle school was exactly where I would find my home and love it.

So when today’s #EdBlogAday challenge was “What do you have to celebrate today?” I knew that I wanted to celebrate middle school.

Middle school students are the perfect combination of child and young adult. They still want to have fun and play, though they take meaningful work very seriously. So many things are still new to middle schoolers. A teacher, and a lesson, can still take their breath away. But they are also becoming aware of the world they live in in a more adult way. They have authentic concern for the needs of others, and they are beginning to see that they are on the brink of being the drivers of the world.

Middle school is a time of transition from childishness to adulthood, and it is not always an easy time to be a human being. I celebrate the fact that I get to help guide my students on that journey.


3 thoughts on “Celebrate Middle School

  1. I love middle school as well, with all the contradictions and confusion, they are truly “on the brink of being the drivers of the world.” You’ve captured it well, and your students are fortunate you found your home there with them.


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