5 Easy Questions that Lead to Deeper Thinking

When talking to students we often ask very specific, content-driven questions, but it can actually be the more general, vague questions that lead our students to think more deeply.

1) What do YOU think?

This question, as simple as it is, can seem intimidating to students. It is a good idea to let them share with a neighbor first, and then share aloud with the class what they think.

2) Why do you think that?

This question allows student to go even deeper. You may need to provide significant think time before a student knows how to respond. Don’t give up on them – wait it out!

3) How do you know this?

This question leads students through their thinking process and allows you (and their classmates) to see how they are drawing conclusions.

4) Can you tell me more?

This question invites the student to broaden their thinking. This is the time where students produce less expected, and sometimes extremely insightful, thoughts and ideas.

5) What questions do you still have?

This question also usually requires quite a bit of wait time, but it gets easier after some practice. Once the students realize that you welcome their questions and will wait it out, their questions begin to come faster.

This post is based on “5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students


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